Distribution of high-quality fragrance products manufactured exclusively by Hymns is our primary mission. This traditional craft is mainly done by Indian women living alone, or married, and offers products such as traditional incense with certified non-toxic  fragrances formatted into sticks, mini sticks and cones, ayurvedic incense manufactured in the Indian tradition and made from all natural ingredients and pure essential oils as well as a unique range of gift sets.

Since 2005, we provide yearly in-situ monitoring in addition to developing new ways to enhance this project and to bring in these crafts a more dignified life. We certify the great probity of our friends Devaki and Subhasish Nandi who constitute the soul of this commercial humanitarian project as well as the compliance with our ethical Charter. Developed by Hymns and Kolam, it defines our strict ethical governance rules put into practice on a daily basis. More than ever, we have at heart to help these craftsmen in promoting their products through a growing network of distributors and resellers (where we find).

Thanks for supporting this commercial humanitarian project who gives these craftmen, making their traditional craft, a means of subsistence trustworthy and honest in line with standards and requirements of today's work. With this move, you support a sustainable human and economic development project as well as the protection of our environment.

Jean Morin